Mademoiselle Robot loves Jenny Jenny

When Jenny Jenny enters a room, you notice her straight away, she is tall, blonde and pretty and has a little something of Marilyn Monroe… her creations are pretty much the same, you can’t ignore them, and you can’t ignore they are brilliant, exquisite adornments indeed. Step into her world with me for a little while and you will come out inspired.
cocktail dress

What’s your background?

I studied fashion at LCF and Central St Martins and had worked at little fashion labels for a few years, always for female owned and operated businesses which was very inspiring. I started my jewellery range about 18 months ago after quitting my job and spending a year experimenting with lots of different creative avenues; from costume design to freelance fashion design to hand embroidery. I assisted a couple of jewellery designers and so started thinking very much on that scale.
How did you start making accessories?

I had always put little bits and pieces together, whether quickly fashioning a necklace out of paper and ribbon before dashing out the door or stringing an odd chandelier crystal on a cord and wearing it to death (it’s still going!). But I started as a business once I’d got to grips with the art of tassel making and knew my way around London’s jewellery district!

tassel bead necklace
What were you like as a little girl?

Bossy! I think that’s why I suit running my own business – now it channels into self-motivation but when we were little, my poor brother and sister probably saw it as being ordered around!
What inspires you the most?

I love the glamour and style of the 1920’s and 30’s and the way modern design influenced every facet of life back then. I find this period endlessly inspiring but I like my work to look modern with just a hint of vintage influence.
Who do you look up to?

Women who take charge of their lives and make the work/life/fun/everything-balance a fine art! I assisted jewellery designer Clara Francis and saw first hand how much fun and hard work goes into juggling everything, she was a real inspiration.
Describe your personal style…

I’d say simple with a dash of glamour from another era on occasion. I dress practically day to day (couldn’t live without my perfect Gap denim jacket) but go for 50’s cocktail dresses or a disco era cape for dressing up.
What’s your dream pet?

Perhaps if I had a poodle we could share curly-hair products but I’d probably get ringlet envy so I’ll settle for a simple moggy.
Biggest teen crush(es)?
Leonardo DiCaprio. Still going strong.
Favourite designers?

I love Erté, his illustrations have really influenced my design work. I think Karl Lagerfeld is the ultimate today really, the movie Lagerfeld Confidential is essential viewing. My dream wardrobe would have lots of Miu Miu and Marni too.
Favourite bands at the moment?

Wetdog are a brilliant all-girl 3-piece low-fi band on Angular Records and I will always love Good Shoes and Gossip (and not just cos Beth wears my stuff!). Best band I’ve seen live recently was Broadcast at ATP.
You can buy Jenny Jenny’s Exquisite Adornments online and at Swanfield, 2 Hoxton Street, London.