Outside of my comfort zone

I am in an experimental phase at the moment. I keep trying on styles that I had so far deemed unsuitable. It started with the maxi dress which is now officially part of my Summer wardrobe and now I am in the process of taming the jersey mini dress. 
I know that “experimental” and “jersey mini dress” aren’t necessary two terms you would associate, especially not in my case, but believe me, it is a great big step for me. I wore tee-shirt dresses the first time around, in the 90s, but I was a teenager back then and my body hadn’t been tainted by life in the UK (oh hello fatty foods) and pregnancy (oh hello lumps and bumps).
I like to think I have a fairly good body image and I accept myself the way I am most of the time, but maybe not as far as wearing clingy dresses… That was till I tried on my Monki dress yesterday. So far I had been wearing it as a tee-shirt, tucked into skirts, but for some reason yesterday I felt brave so I wore it out on its own. And it worked… So I wore it again today – and it felt really comfy and good.
Rather than making me feel body conscious, it made me look at my hang ups in the face and realise that I shouldn’t pay attention to them. If anything, they are all in my head, and yes, maybe I don’t have the body I had when I was 13, but I love what I have become.
Dress – Monki
Denim vest – Vintage (from my mum’s closet)
Basically, this tiny little piece of jersey fabric helped me tell my last remaining complexes to fuck off. And it feels amazing.