Fancy Pants on a Monday

Well well well… Guess who’s back (and who doesn’t know how to chill the fuck out for too long)? Yes, you guessed right in the back! It’s me. What a loser. Bank Holiday Monday, 8 o’clock in the morning. I should be snoozing but I am blogging.
I have a good reason to do it though: I found the perfect swimsuit. Yes. Finally. After almost 2 years. I did find one last year (a real vintage one) but the size didn’t look quite right for me, so now it is in the shop (pink, scalloped edges, deadstock never worn, GET IT).
From time to time, I casually browse the internet for “Retro Swimsuits” or “Swimsuits for DD+”. Yeah, I know, such is the glamour of my everyday life. 
Anyway… On Saturday, I typed in my usual search terms, but this time they brought me to For Luna, a vintage inspired swimwear site aka Heaven on the Internet. I promptly ordered one of their Esther Williams swimsuits, as I had been perving on them on the Esther Williams site, but couldn’t find them online in the U.K. … till now.

Esther Williams
After a little investigation (you know the one you do prior to buying something online on a site you don’t know), I found out that For Luna was launched in May 2009 – which explains why I didn’t find it when I was obsessing about vintage inspired swimwear the first time around – and is the sister site to La Magia.
La Magia could be the subject of a post of its own, as it is one of my favourite sites for lingerie. The design is very simple, but it carries all of the brands I love: Ayten Gasson, Kiss Me Deadly,  Miss Lala Presents and of course What Katie Did.

Maybe some of you already knew about For Luna, but I thought I’d put it out there for those of you who, like me, missed it! I hope you are all having a great bank holiday weekend… And I would like to suggest  a group Sun Dance. If we all do it at the same time, surely the sun will come out, non?