Experimenting with different lengths

The sunshine is finally here! The heat is finally here! I hope it stays… 
What I want to see go away is the army of sleazy perves that seems to have taken over the streets since the sun came out. Last week I got followed twice on the tube platform by some random dudes, possibly because I was showing a bit of leg encased in some heels. 
That made me consider the maxi dress option even more… Perfect timing, the lovely ladies over at Kisami sent me this wonderful Tofu number which means I was able to stay cool and fend off spermy men at the same time. 
Don’t get me wrong, a maxi dress is by no means totally reliable protection against what I like to refer to as “the sex stare”. I would be tempted to say that the best protection against this type of behaviour is a sharp stick… And I will let you figure out what I would use it for – answers on a postcard.
Dress – Tofu courtesy of Kisami
Hat – New Look
Shoes – See by Chloé
(hmm there really isn’t much in a Summer outfit, is there?)