A somewhat nautical theme

Yesterday I was filming for the Fashshot Studio again, but this time the theme was “Nautical”… I must admit dressing the part was easy for this one, I actually had a few outfits lined up, including one that was way more nautical than this. In the end, I decided to be a bit more subtle about my love for the sea and opted for the usual nautical colours and a sailor collar (and a comedy anchor brooch, but it was for the purpose of the show).
I am pleased I can finally wear this little vintage jacket I got from Pansy Lane Vintage a few months ago. It is part of a two-piece set that also includes a dress in the same fabric and it is lovely.
Jacket – Vintage 
Blouse – Vintage 
Skirt – Marc Jacobs
What do you think of the nautical trend? Summer staple? Or are you just sick of it? How do you wear it?

ps – if you can be bothered to see even more photos of me, have a look at the beautiful portraits Caroline Briggs did on my Facebook Page (and if you are not a Fan already, become one as there is quite a lot going on there… and I am planning on having more fans than the pickle – you know the one).