Inspiration – I Can Fly

I can’t remember how long this post idea has been sitting in my drafts folder, but Mary Blair‘s illustrations, and particularly the ones in Ruth Krauss‘ ‘I Can Fly‘ are a massive source of inspiration for me. It is no secret I love animals, and the idea of dressing to match all sorts of animals just blows my mind.
So I snuck into my daughter’s room, borrowed her book and scanned it for the purpose of this little show and tell…
A bird can fly. So can I.
I Can Fly

A cow can moo. I can too.

I Can Fly

Pick pick pick. I’m a little chick.
I Can Fly
I’m anything that’s anything. That’s MY way.

I Can Fly

A lot of other children’s books influence the way I dress every day, even if it is in very subtle ways. 
Do you sometimes find yourself taking inspiration from the most unlikely places?