A lesson in French beauty basics

Sometimes I am just *that* French, I wear stripes, a beret, eyeliner and red lipstick in one crazy frogs legs flavoured combo.
I know a lot of you are into that particular make-up style so I thought I would share my wisdom with everyone…
First, there are a few key items you should always carry with you, as demonstrated below:
♥ black liquid liner (2True from Superdrug – not glam, but damn good and dirt cheap)
♥ pressed powder (Stay Matte – Maybelline)
♥ pink blusher (Rose – Bourjois)
♥ red lipstick (Super Stay – Maybelline)
I love this look because it is really easy to do and it will perk up your face on days you are feeling / looking a bit tired. The only tricky part is to apply the eyeliner, but it comes fairly easy with some practice. If you want tips on applying eyeliner, please have a look at my video here

I know you often hear that you shouldn’t wear heavy eye make-up and red lipstick. It is actually only half true. You can, but only if you dress down. Here for example, I am only wearing a striped tee and jeans.

The main things to remember to recreate and wear this look are:
♥ Keep your skin nice and even with powder and/or foundation.
♥ Don’t overdo it on the clothes, your make up is already pretty strong.