The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Ashe Mischief asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball (via Twitter):

“How to style & wear red lipstick! I’ve got a ruddy English/Irish complexion, and my hair is on the auburn side, with a faint lip line! But I covet bright and sheer and bold red lips! If you can find me a cherry red lip “gloss” like Stila brand lip glaze, I will be forever in your debt!”


The basic thing to know to find the perfect red lipstick is that you have to match your complexion. I am sure you knew this already. You have to figure out if you will suit a “warm” red or a “cold” red. From what you describe, your skin has pink undertones which means you should go for reds that have a pink base. If you are very pale and pink, then you can even go for a red with a touch of blue in it. The one colour that suits everyone is primary red (like a London bus). If you find a lipstick that colour, grab it, it suits all skintones.

The best thing to do to wear red lipstick though would be to unify your complexion before with a good mineral powder, just to get rid of some redness. You can then put a bit of blusher on for more controlled colour.

TIP! When you go and try the lipstick, don’t try it on the back of your hand, but on the pads of your fingers, as they are closer in texture and colour to your lips.

If your lipline is faint, then you have to pay special attention to the way you prepare your lips. Apply some lip balm, then brush your lips with a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin. Wipe the balm and put some powder on your lips to keep your lipstick from running. You can also blend in a line of concealer around your mouth to add definition, or use lip liner (on the whole mouth) for longer lasting results.

Once this is all done, if you want it to be more glossy, add a layer of your favourite lipgloss. I like Lancome’s juicy tubes as they last forever and are non sticky.

If you are really concerned it won’t be good enough with your skin, then opt for Beneting or any lip & cheek stain, as the colour is very natural and flattering. You can choose to stain your lips lightly for a bitten lips effect or apply several layers to get almost red lipstick results.

You could try these:
MAC Lady Danger
BeneTint by Benefit
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in 07 Cherry
Korres Colour Cherry Full Colour Gloss

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