I am yours for a day… Winners of the Mademoiselle Style giveaway

I have read all your comments over the weekend, matched a Style Consultation to each of you and then drew a winner at random.
This time, the winner is Miss Milki who said this:

“I love clothes, I love fashion, I even blog about it but I have no idea where my own personal style is at right now. I’ve been sick for the last 4 years so I don’t get out much to go shopping much. Its just too tiring. Yet I still haven’t got the hang of online shopping yet, especially when it comes to things like vintage. I worry that it won’t fit right and I can’t return it.
I love colour and pretty dresses, but I don’t have much occasion to dress up. And on the other hand I adore the ease and simplicity of the chic French style of dressing, and I think that’s probably the direction I should be going in, just maybe with a little quirkiness so it feels more me! I was in college when I got sick and now I’m in my late 20s so its probably time my style grew up a bit. I do get mistaken for a teenager from time to time!
My wardrobe is a mess of different styles (and sizes) of clothes from over the years. I clean it out every couple of years but its well overdue an overhaul at this stage! I’ve been putting it off but I need to do it and organise an winter wardrobe. Maybe a style consultation with you with help get me kickstarted and back on the right track. Oh I should probably mention also that I’m on a pretty small budget, I’m 5ft short (size 12/10) You could have a look at my blog to get an idea of what I like.

I admire your style and your blog and I’d really love your help! Thank you! :)”

Miss Milky, you win a Full Wardrobe Detox, as I am pretty sure you have what you need n your closet, you just need a helping hand to help you figure out how to navigate through it. I think it is also important to make sure you only keep what actually fits and suits you, to avoid depressing sessions in front of an open closet unable to fit in your favourite dress… Please get in touch to book your free wardrobe detox!

As I said, 2 other entries would get 50% off the consultation I recommend for them, and the two lucky runner-ups are:

Laura who said this:
“I was recently told by a good friend that lumberjacks should not be my style inspiration…
Clearly I am in need of a bit of help”

I’d like to offer you 50% off a Full Style Consultation… And I would like very much to see a photo of your friend with his jaw all the way down to the floor when he sees you after the consultation!

Sheena who said this: “This is a great giveaway. For me, I’d like to just find a way to make my style more classic and streamlined. I don’t have a big budget these days, so I have to be very careful about what I buy. So I’m always on the hunt to find what works best for my body shape and that can be durable for more than one season 🙂

I think you should try the Online Wardrobe Basics, this is the quickest way to a more streamlined, classic style. And with 50% off, it is pretty affordable, even on a small budget.

So girls, get in touch to book your sessions!



The following people get 20% off any of my services (including Style Hotline): Frankie, Carrie, Melinda, Jerri, CCakaJapan, Diana, Valencia Lia, Bella Di Nonna, Dottie, Love of Yours, Miss_G, Kim and Anne.
The 20% discount is valid for any booking made till the end of 2009, all you need to do is contact me and mention it in your email when you book.
To thank all of you for entering, you also get priority on the list for a brand new service I am about to launch… You can contact me for more information about it, I have 15 places for it!
I will be in touch with all of you over the next few days to make sure you haven’t missed this post and you can claim your prize!