Sur le bout des doigts…

I am a nail biter. But I can stop when I want to. Just like cigarette. No joke. I can. No seriously people, I totally can. That’s my one and only superpower: mind strength… well only for certain aspects of life. I am incapable of dieting for example. But apart from that I am pretty strong willed, not to throw myself flowers or anything.
To cut this very long story short, whenever I decide that the time has come to stop biting my nails (eating my fingers would actually be more appropriate), I generally dig out some nail polish from my very exciting collection and stick it on. It looks really gross for a couple of weeks (try painting half eaten fingers), but then the nails grow and it starts looking half decent.
I have been really into matte nail polishes since I discovered Man Glaze about a year ago and I was going to paint my nails in matte black, but then Mila intervened and chose my nail colour.
I can see that you are thrilled. Totes. Sometimes I really do wonder how far I will go with this.
She picked for me a combination of Navy Blue and Mint Green (both from Barry M), which I wouldn’t have thought about myself but I actually really like it! All this to say, don’t bother spending all your hard earned cash on the Chanel Jade… I know it is all trendy and shit at the moment, but still. If you want mint green, just get good old Barry M. It lasts for about 150 years (no joke) and the colour is really nice and bright.
I don’t really remember what the main topic of this post was supposed to be, I have kind of fallen out with my editorial calendar recently, I am freestyling this totally. I have been sort of drunk on work recently so I decided to take it slow. You know? We were almost down to third base work and me, we were there tangled on the sofa, smooching and canoodling but I had to say STOP. I am not this kind of girl, Work. I like to take my time. So I ended up writing this bit about my nails. Tomorrow, maybe we will talk about fashionable boogers. Who knows? EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER. Till then, have a great weekend everyone, I am going to spend mine agonising over all the cute answers you gave me for the Style Consultation giveaway…