Wish List / Hungry for PPQ

Last February, the Burlington Arcade was totally illuminated by the PPQ collection. I am still blinded just thinking about it. From trademark black & white knits to ultra bright lady like outfits, I think there isn’t one look I didn’t want to make mine. I like the extremely English vibe of PPQ, just like Luella it gets the Parisian in me hungry for more. Here are a few pieces from the AW 2009 collection that I have my eye on. Only the eye mind you…

Since I can’t really afford the real PPQ deal, I have to turn to something more accessible… Their collaboration with Cadbury’s who are launching Koko, their new (super yummy) chocolate truffles. And if there is only one thing I like more than PPQ, it is chocolate. From October, you will be able to buy a packet of Koko chocolate with an exclusive PPQ necklace from Selfridges (for abour £20). Pretty sweet, non?
Collaborations are definitely the thing to do at the moment. They aren’t always very subtle or interesting, but sometimes, something comes along that makes you happy. Not jump up and down happy like Comme des Garçons for H&M, but smile to yourself happy. Cadbury’s & PPQ is one of those.