The most bizarre designer collaboration award goes to….

When I was waiting for my flight to Stockholm in Heathrow, I received an email from a company asking me if I wanted to receive a pair of Shea Butter Knickers by Ayten Gasson. I was in a Duty Free trance, a bit high on perfume smells and bright lights, so I just sent my address and forgot about it. On a regular day, I would have thought “Shea Butter Knickers?!?” – although I’d probably still have wanted to see the goods.

When I came back, a little parcel was waiting for me on my desk and on the brown silk pouch, it said “Andrex Shea Butter knickers by Ayten Gasson”. Aaaaaah suddenly it all made sense (sort of). A toilet paper company commissioning a lingerie designer to make special pants that feel as soft as their new “luxury” toilet paper. Because yes, apparently, toilet paper can be a luxury item. Maybe for those very special poops you do after you’ve eaten gold and diamonds *sniggers*.
I won’t even get started on the fact that a toilet paper x designer pair of knickers is BROWN… You see where I am getting here, right? You are picking up what I am putting down? DURRTY.

Click on the image if you want to buy some for yourself…

I wonder what is next in the designers collaborations… Loulou Loves You and Charmin? Agent Provocateur and Kandoo?

If you forget the toilet paper side of things, the knickers are actually really nice (apart from the monogrammed “A” for Andrex on them)… So they got me curious about Ayten Gasson. In a way, Andrex’s PR coup is more useful for Ayten. I went to have a look at her website, and discovered a beautiful range of vintage inspired lingerie. Here are my faves.



The prices are on the reasonable side of high, £40 for knickers and £60 for bras.
For those of you who are in London, you can go see her creations at Bordello, on Great Eastern Street. The others, don’t worry, you can buy everything online in her shop. Everything is so lovely, I might just be willing to overlook her strange collaboration!