MR Crush on KIND

There are only a handful of brands I am completely and utterly obsessed with. KIND is up there in the top 3. I got to interview Mr Kind a little while ago, but when I saw the photos from the new collection, I gasped, clutched my heart and fell on the floor. Mr & Mrs Kind seem to have outdone themselves this time. I love their designs because they are so playful and unpretentious, miles away from the general po-facedness I abhor in the Fashion industry.

Here is a little description of the collection “Dreamy cheerleaders meet football captains by the bleachers and at the soda fountain. Cute 1950s silhouettes are combined with a sporty colour palette of red, black, pink and nautical blues, ready for a weekend at the country club.”




vestido-pajaro KIND
Photos courtesy of Kind.

Well… I CANNOT, that’s how. Move over Jeffrey Campbell, I am leaving you for Mr & Mrs Kind.
Just thinking about the soft cashmere makes me wish for Winter to be here already! The Peacock dress is DEFINITELY my priority numero uno for the Fall, actually I am saving up as we speak, going through pockets and drawers looking for pennies. In the meantime, I might just go look longingly at my cape that’s been sitting in the closet, waiting for chillier days.

Shrimp in a cage
Picture taken from the archives of my blog, when it was just a little bébé blog aaaaaw. O HAI long hair.

Doesn’t your heart feel a bit warmer? Don’t you feel a bit happier? Because I feel like a 13 year old boy who just saw a pair of boobies for the first time.

I also still giggle at the thought of this little scene that happened in Liberty’s while buying said cape (me= 8 .5 months pregnant then and about to drop):

Liberty lady: “How would you like to pay?”
Mr Robor: “in kind”

The collection will start being delivered to London retailers from August. Kind is available at Labour of Love, Tatty Devine or Cochinechine. BE NICE AND BUY IT.