Mademoiselle Robot loves Jennifer Loiselle


I discovered Jennifer Loiselle’s designs during one of my nightly Etsy wanders and promptly added her to my favourite sellers. I was lucky enough to meet her a few weeks ago after she contacted me to take photos of her house for “Innerspace”… After a little chat about fashion, motherhood and running your own business, it became pretty clear that Jennifer is every bit as lovely as her designs, so I thought it would be nice to share the love with everyone!

❤ How did you get into headwear design?

I basically fell into it – I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear when I was pregnant – maternity clothing isn’t the most stylish in the world, hence my need to accessorise with giant head pieces – maybe it was a subconscious effort to detract from the bump! I’ve also actually studied footwear design and have always loved making bits and pieces of jewellery, so once my maternity leave started I had a lot of time on my hands.

❤ How do you find selling on Etsy?

Selling on etsy requires a lot of patience; I do think UK based sellers have to work extra hard to get noticed as its an American site. Saying that, there has been so much positive feedback and support from fellow etsyians – it’s been quite bizarre but enlightening having online relationships with people I’ve never met before who are all the way across the pond!

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❤ Can you tell me about your style?

I think I always look like a little girl trying to dress up in her mother’s clothes! I like colour, strong prints, ruffles, and vertiginous heels.

❤ What is your advice about staying stylish when you’re a mum?

Stay clear of Ugg boots, wear some make-up and carry around a clothing stain remover pen! Seriously, I see so many mums pushing prams who look like they’ve “given up” (I am probably going to get slaughtered for saying this) – I totally believe you can still have fun with fashion when you have kids.

❤ What inspires you?

Many things inspire me: London, patterns, colour, the life and work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

❤ Top 5 Films?

In no particular order: Orlando, Adaptation, Grey Gardens, Annie Hall, Heathers.


❤ Describe your Perfect Day?

My perfect day would start with a good morning hug from my daughter, an early trip to the Ascot car boot sale where I’d hopefully find lots of tatty treasures. I’d head off back into London and wander down Mount Street for a spot of window shopping. Sir John Soames Museum would be the next stop (where I went on one my fist dates with my now-husband so it holds fond memories). The day would end with some friends gathered in our garden for a barbecue and many bottles of wine.

❤ London or Sidney?

Personally, it would be London for me – you can wear whatever you want and noone blinks an eye. I tend to think Sydney style is more suited to its beach lifestyle and to tall, thin, toned girls – something I’m definitely not!