London Fashion Week - Kokon To Zai


Yesterday I went to my last fashion show for this season and it just so happened to be cult label Kokon To Zai. This show was probably the most anticipated of the shows and there was a lot of pushing and pulling to get to see it. I almost pushed myself when they announced that there was only space for another 12 people yet there was still a queue of 60 odd waiting (I am using the term “waiting” loosely) to get in. Anyway, I digress...

Once in, the show had already started but I think I managed to get in when the first model hit the catwalk. It is very hard for me to describe the collection.... Take all of my LFW coverage, mix up the collections and put them all together (minus the couture gowns and dresses) and that would sum up my experience of KTZ: the futuristic mixes with the casual, sexy mini dresses mix with tribal designs.

Kokon To Zai put together a vast variety of styles and it is difficult for me to pick a favourite outfit. I am very excited about this collection and would happily wear any of the items. I could tell that I wasn’t alone on this – I saw some very impressed faces around me. Saved the best for last.

Kokon To Zai
Kokon To Zai
Kokon To Zai
Kokon To Zai


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