London Fashion Week - Burberry Prorsum


Burberry was not one of the shows I was excited about, so I hadn't even bothered requesting invites to it. However, my interest was piqued when they announced they would stream their runway show live for everyone in the world to see. I keep reading articles saying that runway shows are increasingly expensive to run which is why more and more designers turn to presentations. Maybe organising a show with no audience that streams live would be the way forward? To keep the collections exclusive to the industry, they could issue electronic passes in the first place, and then open it up as an on-demand video once the season approaches...
More than just a show, it was an electronic revolution that I am pleased to have witnessed, along with possibly a gigabillion other people around the world who kept making dramatic statements such as "I am crying!", "I am so excited I could cry!", "I love Burberry so much I am going to poo in my pants!" etc. My comment (that I obviously didn't write on the site) was "well done Burberry for getting on with the programme and being so aware of online media".

Images are screen caps taken during the live stream of the show last night.


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