Wish List / Lu Flux

I might seem pretty greedy at the moment, but that’s simply because I am. I keep seeing things I want everywhere. You may start calling me the Greedmaster *shivers*. It sort of sounds like the name of some creature straight out of Hellraiser, right? I like it. It suits my current mood. Maybe I will even push it a little further and wear pins on my face as a fashion statement. Pretty fetching, right?

When I feel the greed that strongly in my bones, I generally spend hours wandering around online, leaving behind me a trail of dribble, like a style slug (boy, aren’t I spoiling you with the stinking metaphors today?). This time, I would like to introduce to Lu Flux, an ethical clothing designer who works with organic, vintage & salvaged fabrics. I am in total agreement with the idea of refashioning, reusing materials to make new stuff. It goes with the idea of keeping as clear as possible from the High Street.

“The clothes act as an antithesis to the way of the disposable modern world, making something new out of something old, reducing waste and consuming less”
From Lu Flux’s website

But enough with the ethics and the political, and onto the clothes! Lu’s creations are absolutely wondrous and in the whimsical style I am so fond of… and still totally wearable!


I mean hellooooooo, BEAR DRESS?!?! I’ll have seven, thank you.


Even their more classic designs are beautiful, with very nice detailing.


All images courtesy of Lu Flux

Patchwork techniques applied to clothes? Triple yes!

You can find Lu Flux’s creations in the UK at Ecobtq & Godiva Boutique.

Don’t forget you only have till the end of today to enter the Loulou Loves You giveaway for a chance to win a pair of handmade knickers!

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