Mademoiselle Robot loves Vivi Ponti


I came across Vivi‘s designs at the beginning of this year and was instantly seduced by their vintage look and total playfulness. 2009 has been quite hectic so far and somehow, this post didn’t happen earlier. It is a good thing in a way, because I now get to show you two of her collections! I had to share her work with you as she is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. Here’s a quick interview with the lovely Vivi, as well as a glimpse of her AW 09/10 & SS 10 collections.

❤ How did you get into fashion?
I started fashion because it’s an art you can wear it every day!

❤ What inspired your new collection?
I was inspired by a light, an old lampshade. From there I started designing the rest of the S/S 2010 collection.



Vivi Ponti SS 2010 collection

❤ There is a real retro feel to your designs, is there an era your are particularly fond of?
Yes, I really like the sixties, but i like also other periods such as the twenties and eighties.

❤ Describe the ultimate dream boy?
My boyfriend! He’s a super talented film maker. We work together too. I am designing his first film clothes and sets.

Vivi Ponti SS 2010 collection
❤ Can you tell me more about your design process?
I find my inspiration in anything. It can be from working or reading a book or watching a film or drinking a glass of red wine. Then I start drawing the first piece. I will draw a lot and the first design will often become a sample.

Vivi Ponti AW 2009-10 collection

❤ Can you tell me about your own style? Did it inspire your designs?
I dress always the same, in different ways. I have favourite clothes like a men’s shirt, striped t-shirt with short beige men’s trousers. Bows on blonde hair (I’ve had blonde/white hair since i was 16). School skirts, navy blue are also big favourites, but I go through periods when I like to wear only very light colours like pink, white and light yellow.



Vivi Ponti AW 2009-10 collection

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