The only Supermarket you actually want to go to


Yesterday, I was invited to rummage through the treasures of Supermarket Sarah, an online vintage concept store based around an ever changing thematic wall located in Sarah’s Portobello studio. We drank tea, ate some cakes, chatted a little about life, work, online and offline adventures and I had a look around the place…

Tea & Cakes @ SupermarketSarah's

“Boudoir shopping” (I just coined this, peoplezzzz) seems to be a new trend, maybe due to the recession, maybe because we are all getting sick of being treated like cattle on the high street… I thoroughly enjoy it. It is no secret that I am already a big fan of Naomi’s Vintage Secret, so I am glad there is now another boudoir ready for me to go wild and trinket happy. The selection at Sarah’s is an eclectic mix of vintage dresses, designer hats, kitsch trinkets and all sorts of fun stuff we love to have… and have to have. I challenge anyone to visit her site, or go to her Portobello pad and leave empty handed. I didn’t really go there with the intention of buying anything, but I ended up with a Felikat rosette and a pair of glasses.

Sarah from SupermarketSarah
Sarah is a babe

As you probably understood by now, Supermarket Sarah is both an online shop AND a real life one. She created a display wall in her studio, which acts as a shop front to display a few selected items according to a theme. You can then browse the rest of the shop by simply clicking the “browse” link. It is all nice and easy, you pay by Paypal or email Sarah for a quote and dumdedum, you get your item.

MR @ SupermarketSarah's
Posing with the wall, maybe someone will buy me.

MR @ SupermarketSarah's
These glasses were Sarah’s auntie’s, now they are mine…

If you have time and are in London, I would strongly suggest going around Sarah’s for a visit of her amazing little shop.

Have a look below to see Sarah making her wall…