We are going on a Summer Holiday…

I am packing to go to the south of France as you read this. I was going to wait till tomorrow, when I am actually leaving to post this, but I have so much to do, I might as well start the holibob today!

Working from home on your own projects all the time can quickly become an all consuming thing. I forget not to work at the weekend, when I go away, I always take notes for the blog, or think about improvements I could make to Mademoiselle Style. Recently I have been under a lot of pressure and it left me feeling anxious, tired and pretty wiped out. I can’t complain though as it means that business is a-boomin’, but I really need a holiday in the chillaxation zone, with no internet, no blogging, no emails, no twitter – just plain old real life shit.

I can’t just leave you empty handed for a week, so I have compiled a little list of websites that made me think, swoon and giggle in the past few weeks, hopefully they should keep you entertained while I am away. If you have links to share, please do so in the comments and keep them coming!

I also arranged for some redux posts to be published here, hope you won’t miss me too much 🙂

I thought I’d give you a few links to look at while I am away:


Super cute photo stories about two molars by Inhae Renee Le. Here’s the back story:
“When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I’d find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?
Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. Its name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!”

Photo Laurence via Galadarling

Gala’s website is always full of really interesting articles, but recently, I particularly enjoyed her list of 50 things every girl should do. I realised I have already done quite a lot from part 1, but I can’t wait to start working on the rest! What about you? How are you doing on the list?

Catwalk Genius

This is basically micro-financing for fashion design. For £11, you can buy a share in a fashion designer. Once 5,000 shares have sold, the funding is used to create a new collection.
On the site you will find designer like Tour de Force (my personal fave), Fred Butler or Kelly Love. It is the easiest way to help fund new designers.

La Photocabine

For the photobooth obsessed, and I am sure a lot of you are. I know I am. There nothing like an old fashioned fotoautomat film strip. This site transforms your computer in an old school photobooth and lets you download or print the film strip afterwards. Just click on the curtain, then on the red button.
The site is in French, but “Imprimer” means “print” and “télécharger” means “download”.

If you like Polyvore, you will love Looklet. It is basically the same except that you can see clothes on models and it is Swedish… see where I am going with this? Yep, it has all your favourite Swedish brands including Monki, my personal winner.

I know I have written about Sarah just last week, but I can’t encourage you enough to go and have a look at her lovely site.

I have millions of things to tell you when I get back, but in the meantime, ce n’est qu’un au revoir mes chéris! If you want to book a Style Consultation, I will be available again from Thursday 20th August.