Inspiration / The Man in the Moon

When I was 13, I saw a film that made me unbearably sad for days. It was the Man in the Moon by Robert Mulligan. Possibly the ultimate teenage girl drama. Set in Louisiana in the 50s, it tells the story of two sisters and their summer loves.

Watching it again now, I don’t find it as unbearably sad, it just makes me feel melancholic… and it makes me yearn to live in rural Louisiana, in the 50s if possible.
I am not a country girl at heart at all, but this film makes me want to run in the fields and swim in a lake during a storm.

Also, after second viewing, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed when I was 13… The clothes. They are not beautiful, they are not especially well chosen to illustrate the era, but they do it for me. Very simple muted colours & really good defined shapes:

high-waisted chino shorts
full skirts
ribbons in the hair
white tee-shirts
peter pan collars
boys shirts
girly-girl dresses

The girls in the film show a real wardrobe, or what could be the basis of a real wardrobe. They wear the same item several times, in different ways, they wear the same shoes with everything etc…

It would be very easy to use this film as a guide for a good simple Spring / Summer wardrobe and I think I definitely will!

I know I should be thinking about snow boots right now, but I can’t help daydreaming about the summer already…


ps – I am off to Paris till Monday, so I will be properly back to posting regularly next week!