What I am wearing / Almost in Paris – Bows & Bandits

I haven’t been back to Paris since this summer, so I thought I should celebrate by dressing patriotic. There is no way on Earth I could actually get away with wearing this in Paris without getting crap from people in the street, so I decided to wear it in London instead. A mental help if you will. This way, I can pretend I am going to dream Paris, where everything is as it was when I left.

This is of course the indoors version of this look. Add 7 layers on top and you get an idea of the outdoors version.

Bébé – Handmade by ME

By the time you are reading this, I am actually already in Paris, so you can pretend I am really wearing this. Ah the joys of post scheduling!

Since you are here, I would like to talk to you about the online vintage boutique where this dress came from, Bows & Bandits, as I have other goodies from there to show you in future outfits. This cute little website it maintained by two sisters, Eva & Sophie. They specialize in Austrian vintage clothing – which is completely new to me, but got me hooked immediately!

They contacted me a few weeks ago asking me for some feedback about the newly launched website. I had a look, loved it straight away, and a few emails later, we decided I would do a little photo shoot to show you some of their items. With the help of my genius photographer friend Federica, I am finally pleased to show you my polka dot dress!

Dress – Bows & Bandits
Bow – Loulou Loves You! (but she loves me more)
Socks – Tabio
Shoes – New Look

Coming soon – The Austrian jacket!