31 Jan 2008

Uniqlo, American Apparel and a bird

I went to a Uniqlo casting call in Old Street, so I had a little wander around and met up with my friend Federican at American Apparel. She wasn't quite ready for lunch yet so I had a browse around the shop and found a really cute dress (as well as some tee-shirts for J). I got it in black, but I will probably go back for more as the fit is really really nice.

I wasn't so sure about AA so far, mainly because I started looking at their clothes when I was pregnant and really I had the wrong body shape. Now I got my body back (man I love saying that), it is better. I am still not a size 6 and will probably never be, but some items are really good. I was never one for basics as I often find them unattractive to shop and boring, but now that i have Mila, I need to have things that are easy to put together in the morning, comfortable AND stylish. This dress does all that, and it is very versatile so BINGO. Bad news though, it means yet another place to spend my lack of cash... Fortunately, I get everything half price, so it is pretty much like going to Primark.

Now about this bird... On my way back to the tube, I saw this really cute little bird hopping around on the pavement, and as I was observing him, he suddenly started pecking furiously at a chicken drumstick. Eurgh. Cannibal bird. It freaked me out a bit, but thinking back on it, I find it quite cool. He was like the Jeffrey Dahmer of little birds. I have a feeling he was the bird who owns "ChickPizz" on Albion Road.

I would like to add that I was watching Dirt again last night and this time, Vincent Gallo was in it, playing... guess what? A crazy self obsessed asshole! I bet he didn't have to work too hard for this one. Well done Vincent. And now a bit of eye candy for the ladies (I like to call it midget porn).

Nice shoes Vincent.

30 Jan 2008

Paul Reubens in Dirt

Those who know me are aware of my unconditional love for Pee Wee Herman. I don't care what he did in this theatre, I don't care at all. I think he is great and should be seen more often. This is why I already started introducing Mini to Pee Wee by making her play with my Pee Wee doll.

As I was thinking how great Pee Wee is and watching Dirt (that TV show with Courteney Cox about tabloids), I was bewildered to see Paul Reubens appear before my very eyes. At first I thought it was a trick of my mind, so I went on imdb to check, and YES, yes yes yes, Paul Reubens appears in Dirt

Apparently, he is also in Pushing Daisies. I had abandonned watching Pushing Daisies, thinking it was too contrived and too much like Amelie that I loathe, but now, just for the sake of seeing Paul Reubens once more, I might persevere.


28 Jan 2008

Style Icon - Fran Fine aka The Nanny

Yesterday, I saw that The Nanny (a TV classic of the 1990s) had been added to my favourite website. I also discovered yesterday that Justin had never seen or heard about The Nanny. So I decided to show it to him. Before this, however, I attempted to explain to him how it belonged to this one particular type of 1980s and 1990s "rescue" shows. The plot is always simple, someone poor is hired by someone rich, numerous comical situations arise and in the end they fall in love and get married. Call them fairy tales if you like. Anyway, in the midst of this conversation, I mentioned Who's the Boss? that he hadn't seen either. I tut tutted frantically and showed him this to try and refresh his memory.

Unfortunately, it didn't refresh anything and he assured me he had NEVER EVER seen this show. Maybe it wasn't aired in the UK, who knows. It takes more to discourage me though, so I showed him the very first episode of The Nanny. It was the first time I was watching it in English, as I'd only watched it on French TV so far. I had forgotten just how amusing it was. And also, I had forgotten Fran's crazy Queen's pin-up style.

Stretchy dresses for champagne with Pam

Glitter leopard print

Brassiere and mini skirt combo

Perfecto, mini skirt and SHEER tights

Biker inspired faux suit

This show is a 1990s fashion BIBLE. If I had time, I would take you through the evolution of Maggie's style (she's the oldest daughter) - but you'll have to see by yourself.

26 Jan 2008

A thought on Monopoly

The new Monopoly is very strange. It has credit cards.

That's the end of that story.

Good night.

24 Jan 2008

Beauty - Anatomicals

I found the website while aimlessly surfing on the internet and thought I would try their products as I needed to renew most my beauty products anyway.
Verdict: it smells like candy, it feels good and the packaging amuses me.

In other words, I was ill today, finally received the new sofa. The weather was springlike but I couldn't go outside.

23 Jan 2008

Style Icon - Miranda July

Today I started reading No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. This is her first collection of short stories. You probably know her because of her (amazing) movie Me and You and everyone we know. I discovered her work a few years back when I stumbled on her website by chance (Miranda July's website) and fell in love with the art assignments she gives on there.
She came to do a reading of her book in London this summer, and bad timing oblige, I was heavily pregnant and suffering from sciatica and didn't make it to the reading. I cursed myself for days, but felt a bit better after speaking to my friend Danny whose entry for one of her assignments made it in her book Learning to Love You More.Anyway, this wasn't the aim of this entry.
She inspires me to write more, to try and see everything through more naive eyes and to create more. Her style is also a constant inspiration for me. She mixes old and new, classic and eccentric with such elegance, well done, Miranda July, one day I hope to be half as creative as you.


20 Jan 2008

Feng Shui

As I was announcing in a previous post about death, we got a new sofa.
To prepare its almost imminent arrival, we spring cleaned and Feng Shuied up the living room. A little change never hurts, and sometimes it is more than necessary. Changing furniture around is a bit like rummaging through your wardrobe and finding the blouse your mother bought you when you were 13 and that you promptly discarded ("Mum gave me this, eeeeeew!") only to realize that this blouse looks just like that ChloƩ one (you know exactly what I am talking about don't act like you don't) and will go wonderfully with 100% of your clothes.

Before you read on, I will give you a few minutes to call up your mother and apologize for dissing the present she gave you that day in 1991.
Are you done? Good, Mummy always knows best. At least mine does. But don't tell her.
HI MUM. *waves*

Anyway. Back to the point...

...moving furniture around is like having a brand new flat. It makes life feel lighter fresher, and it makes me feel like finally, finally, spring might be coming. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing in the trees at 3 in the morning* and every day that passes is one more step towards the 22nd of March. It is never too early to start Spring Clean. Spring Clean is as exciting as Spring Break for me. Oh you can call me sad, but j'assume!

*I have a feeling the pigeons who live in the tree by my window are suffering from permajetlag

Wish List - L'Ecole Des Femmes AW07

All three outfits from L'Ecole des Femmes Fall 2007 collection.

18 Jan 2008

Kirsten Dunst For Miu Miu

I think my love for Miu Miu knows no limits.

17 Jan 2008

Items on my wish list

A bow like this

Glasses like that

And a dress like this

Oh and this

16 Jan 2008

Disney Couture

New necklace - Disney Couture

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

I just read in a magazine that Andrew Morton, the same author who wrote about Diana just wrote a book about Tom Cruise, in which he says that Suri isn't his daughter, but that Katie Holmes was impregnated with frozen sperm coming from L. Ron Hubbard himself. If it is true, Chapeau bas! This is all a bit Rosemary's baby meets Scientologists near Goodge street station. Maybe I should go over there and investigate. Meanwhile, after studying photos of Tom, Katie and Suri in my special Forentish lab, I came to the following conclusion :


See by yourselves


What's Inside Your Bag?

I have been tagged by Mademoiselle K to show the contents of my handbag, so here they are...

The bag - Miu Miu.

The contents - iPod (Christmas present from Justin to replace my old one) in a white leather case (eBay), phone, a few elastic bands, wallet (Marc Jacobs - present from my sister), keyring (Marc Jacobs - present from Warren), This Diary Will Change Your Life 2008, Mila's bug.
I also normally have my fountain pen which currently resides on my desk, and my camera, but I was using it to take the photo.

I now tag Bunny, Loulou and Le Club du Style.

15 Jan 2008

Innerspace - The Story Of Our Sofa (and Death)

I was driving back from Ikea last night, and as everytime I am driving back from Ikea, I was thinking about things. Various serious things I never normally would think about. Last night's topic of choice was death. And my realisation that I am not afraid of it. I don't know what it is, and what really happens, obviously, but I don't believe anything happens. It is just the end. And the end of me isn't something I fear, because it is not something that important. Everyday, I question life and its point. Everything I do, I question all the time. Nothing means anything once put in perspective, and if you keep in mind that there is an end. J finds that now we have Mini, he feels deathless. I, on the other end feel more like death is getting nearer. I am continuing my lineage, by starting a new line, Mini's line. But this also means mine is getting to an end. Not now, I hope, but some day. And it makes me happy to know that when this day comes, I won't be afraid. Because there will be nothing. And how could I be afraid of nothing?

The other news is that we found a sofa. A three-seater no less, so when Death comes over to share some salmon mousse, she can sit on the sofa with us.

14 Jan 2008

A Wedding in Paris

I went to my best friend's wedding in Paris. Happy times!


5 Jan 2008

Wish List - The Unidentified Dress

It is somewhere in New-York, screaming my name.

3 Jan 2008

Home sweet home

Sometimes I think my house is actually a better representation of my personality than my clothes.
The living room in the new flat is constantly evolving, but consistently following a theme.
When we moved here, I decided that each room should have a concept, so Mila would feel like she is living in a magic world. I think it is very important for kids too to have well thought surroundings.

The living room will eventually be an enchanted forest. Our bedroom should become a princess room of sorts (I am designing a four poster bed). I am keeping Mila's room quite plain for now, as I want her input for her room decoration.
The kitchen is slowly turning into the 50s diner it was supposed to be.

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