Feng Shui

As I was announcing in a previous post about death, we got a new sofa.
To prepare its almost imminent arrival, we spring cleaned and Feng Shuied up the living room. A little change never hurts, and sometimes it is more than necessary. Changing furniture around is a bit like rummaging through your wardrobe and finding the blouse your mother bought you when you were 13 and that you promptly discarded (“Mum gave me this, eeeeeew!“) only to realize that this blouse looks just like that Chloé one (you know exactly what I am talking about don’t act like you don’t) and will go wonderfully with 100% of your clothes.
Before you read on, I will give you a few minutes to call up your mother and apologize for dissing the present she gave you that day in 1991.
Are you done? Good, Mummy always knows best. At least mine does. But don’t tell her.
HI MUM. *waves*
Anyway. Back to the point…
…moving furniture around is like having a brand new flat. It makes life feel lighter fresher, and it makes me feel like finally, finally, spring might be coming. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing in the trees at 3 in the morning* and every day that passes is one more step towards the 22nd of March. It is never too early to start Spring Clean. Spring Clean is as exciting as Spring Break for me. Oh you can call me sad, but j’assume!
*I have a feeling the pigeons who live in the tree by my window are suffering from permajetlag