Paul Reubens in Dirt


Those who know me are aware of my unconditional love for Pee Wee Herman. I don't care what he did in this theatre, I don't care at all. I think he is great and should be seen more often. This is why I already started introducing Mini to Pee Wee by making her play with my Pee Wee doll.

As I was thinking how great Pee Wee is and watching Dirt (that TV show with Courteney Cox about tabloids), I was bewildered to see Paul Reubens appear before my very eyes. At first I thought it was a trick of my mind, so I went on imdb to check, and YES, yes yes yes, Paul Reubens appears in Dirt

Apparently, he is also in Pushing Daisies. I had abandonned watching Pushing Daisies, thinking it was too contrived and too much like Amelie that I loathe, but now, just for the sake of seeing Paul Reubens once more, I might persevere.


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