Pop! Pop!


The nineties trend shows no sign of disappearing and while millenials are discovering buffalo boots, strappy tops and straight leg jeans, us slightly older folks are re-living some of our proudest sartorial years… My teens were shaped by images of Kate Moss, Wynona Ryder and the cast from 90210 wearing chunky boots with 501s and natty blazers (hello Brenda Walsh). These are things that stuck with me through the years and through many trends. I suppose it is true that at some point in your life you settle for one specific era of your own style history and just stick with it.

The cherry on the cake here is that Swatch has relaunched their iconic POP watch collection. I remember mine was lavender with a dotted elasticated wristband. It was the height of coolness when I was 13 and I wore it everywhere, all of the time. Sometimes I would wear it around my wrist, sometimes I would feel a little whacky and wear it clipped on my shirt, on my sleeve or on a choker around my neck. To celebrate this I borrowed the collection from Swatch (and some of their brand new sunnies too) to relive my teens for a day.


DSC03152 DSC03157 DSC03159