According to the venerable rules of the fashion world, you aren’t meant to wear a revival style if you were old enough to chuck it on the first time around… Yet here I am, in an outfit I could have worn in 1993, trying to emulate Brenda Walsh or a young off-duty Christy Turlington: Levi’s 501, Gazelles, a ribbed turtleneck and a peacoat were often spotted in photos from my teenage years and here they are again.
I would like to say I made some slight updates to the look to make it more current, but if there are any, they aren’t down to me… The only reason it doesn’t look like I stepped into my 15 year old self’s wardrobe is because all those pieces are currently in store (or were a few months ago). 36 going on 15, here I come.

I am wearing: H&M coat, , , , and Zara belt (taken from a skirt)