Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Voyage


Isn’t travelling wonderful? Discovering new destinations, meeting new people, finding little corners of the world we would like to live in… Then there are the parts of travel that personally bum me out like packing, decanting beauty products in smaller containers to fit them in an already bursting cabin case (because you decided you were going to be all cool and minimal and travel light). I have fine-tuned my travel beauty routine by now and know which combination of products to bring for all sorts of trips (overnight to 2 weeks). Would you be interested in seeing this?

When it comes to make-up, it is a little trickier to edit. I don’t use a lot of products on a daily basis, but somehow, once they are all in a make-up pouch in my handbag, they just add too much weight. This is where the comes in handy. Although I don’t really use palettes in my day-to-day life (apart from the Naked one) I recently realised they were pretty much indispensable when it comes to travelling.

The Beauty Voyage palette offers two classic looks in a very small package. One is understated with a pinky-nude lip accent and the other one is a full on D&G glam fest complete with bright red lip. They both have evocative names “Leaving Milan” and “Voyage to Sicily“. I simply call them “day” and “night” but that’s because I am a barbarian. You can see the full scope of the palette right here. Get it quick, it is a limited edition!