Beauty – The Ultimate Travel Beauty Kit

I love travelling, but I am also very much set in my ways when it comes to beauty (and many other things!), this means over the years, I have had to perfect my travel beauty routine.

If like me you have a daily beauty routine involving a few steps more than just “wash and go”, then you will have the same issues as me while travelling: how to properly pamper yourself when you only have limited space? Well, well, well: I have the answer to this! I think I truly have perfected the art of “beauty on the go” and now is the time for me to share it with you in association with my pals over at …
Plane & Simple
Do you know what destroys your skin? Long-haul flights. Actually, any flight will pretty much dry up your face like an old prune. My skin is already very dry, so adding frequent plane travel isn’t exactly doing it a favour. That means I need to moisturise every inch of skin. For my face, I generally apply a hefty dose of  cream or a moisturising mask, I then cover myself in body lotion (love ) and finish it all up with . Then I sit and watch a ton of movies while drinking as much water as I can…
That’s not all though. If your skin survives the flight, there will still be some sure signs of tiredness to hide from the world. Seriously, I am all for the #nomakeup and #nofilter look, but nobody needs to see my face after 12hours on a plane. I don’t recommend putting on a full face of make-up after a flight – NEVER apply foundation or concealer on a plane, they will end up looking gross – but you can use a couple little tricks to look your best. Puffy eyes? Use a frozen spoon just before landing, then of course, put on some sunglasses to hide your panda eyes. On your face, just put a dose of the very aptly named , it works like magic at blurring little imperfections and it really gives you a healthy glow. Add to this a pop of lipstick and you are good to go. I am currently obsessed with  in “Mantrap” which is a reddish-brown colour and looks so damn good on.

On a side note, this lipstick is a pretty good option for a date as it isn’t as scary as a bright red, i.e your date won’t think “oh no my entire person is going to be covered in red lipstick” but you will still look like the massive babe that you are.

At Home Spa-cials
When in the cosy embrace of your Airbnb or hotel room, it is time to properly look after yourself. You can put away the travel minis and bring out the big guns. Wash, exfoliate and moisturise. The best way to feel at home in a holiday rental is to smell at home, I think so anyway. Don’t buy a new shower gel, just stick with what you know – in my case it is because I can’t resist its fresh scent in the morning. For my face, I use which is a 3-in-1 daily wash and exfoliant AND a make-up remover. This way I don’t have to lug around multiple products, this one is enough. I follow up with more body lotion and .

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Let’s Kiss & Make-up
I don’t know about you, but I like to look sharp while abroad. But I also don’t want anybody to know I tried to look sharp. Effortless is the word. Pretty much like in London then, except I work with a restricted palette. Whenever I go away, I only bring an edited version of what I use at home: concealer, foundation, blusher, eyeliner and one lipstick. After all, I don’t need a million different looks. For my trip to California, I wanted to achieve a glowing, fuss-free look that would show my skin and let it benefit from a little bit of sunshine. I took five products with me: ,  in “Mantrap”, (this product SAVED me on this trip), and . 
I like having options for eyes or lips and this selection allowed me to play around a bit and experiment with different looks. On the first day, with jet-lag face at its worst, I opted for a cat eye in the hope it would make me look a little more alive (it sort of did). After that, I mostly left my eyes alone and put the emphasis on the lips.  

This is a collaboration with Soap & Glory