Jumeirah Frankfurt


The end of 2015 was all about travelling to European cities I hadn’t visited before. Frankfurt was one of them and I really enjoyed wandering the Christmas markets as well as the hip areas of the city. All this was made possible because I was staying in a super central location at the ultra luxurious Jumeirah Frankfurt, a pure tower of glitz overlooking the city. From the marble lobby to the plush wood panelled rooms, everything inside the hotel just screams “luxurious getaway“.

I was travelling with my husband and Mini and so we stayed in a Skyline Junior suite on the 22nd floor of the hotel, with a stunning view of the cityscape. The room itself was super spacious (about 540 ft2) and featured a king-size bed, living-room area and a bathroom with a double sink, hidden behind sliding wood panels, which you could slide open to admire the view while taking a bubble bath. Unfortunately, Mini jumped in the bathtub before I could even say the word “bath” so she got to enjoy the magnificent view while swimming in the bubbles. Ah, the sacrifices of a mother.

On our second night there we had dinner at Max on One, the casual-chic brasserie located on the first floor of the hotel. The menu there is simple but very well-prepared, using only the highest quality ingredients. We sat in the private dining room, which is slightly set back from the rest of the restaurant, but somehow still very atmospheric and lively. During dinner, the waiting staff was super attentive, especially to the needs of Mini. I am not saying that she should be tended to like a little diva, quite the contrary, but when I travel with her, I like to see how equipped luxury hotels are to deal with children. Some of them are very child friendly and some… not so much. The Jumeirah Frankfurt clearly falls into the first category, so if you have little ones but don’t want to stay in a family resort when travelling, I strongly recommend it. It isn’t a “family” hotel, but it offers all the essentials when travelling en famille. Subtle yet important difference… You will never catch me at a family resort, but I do need hotels to cater for children to some extent (spare bed, food options etc).

And speaking of Mini, here is her short review of the Jumeirah Frankfurt: “It was really nice and the chandelier in the lobby was cool. What makes it nice is that in the reception they have little glass boxes with jewellery in. I thought the dinner was really nice too, I liked the home-made chicken nuggets and my fruit cocktail a lot.”

If you are looking for some easy Winter fun, Frankfurt is definitely worth checking out. There are plenty of great cafés, restaurants, shops and interesting galleries within walking distance of the Jumeirah Frankfurt, making it the perfect base for the weekend.


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Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of the Jumeirah Frankfurt