Portfolio Update


I am sort of taking time off over the holiday season. I say “sort of” because clearly you are reading a post now, so I am writing it, which means I am not off entirely. But then again when am I ever completely off? The joys of running your own business I suppose. With two weeks ahead of me and a decidedly calmer inbox, I decided it was time to tackle some tasks I didn’t have time to tackle in the past few months… Mostly life admin type stuff that dares not speak its name, but also more “fun” things, like decluttering the house and updating my portfolio.

I don’t often mention the work I do outside of these four internet walls, despite past promises to do so, but since I just updated my photography portfolio I figured I would show you some bits. I worked on many different photography projects this year, from my very first exhibition to some big commercial jobs, as well as some travel and lifestyle photos I am pretty proud of. If you like what you see, you can have a wander over to my serious site

HazzysExample2 HAZZYSexample

Hazzys Lookbook, May 2015.

Photography by me | Styling: Alexis Knox


Dwell, August 2015

Photography and Styling by me


Tease Me London by Sanja Sakic, October 2015

Photography and Styling by me



Ugg Australia, December 2015

Photography and styling by me

P7050024 P7050029

Sean Genrich in his studio, Los Angeles, July 2015

Photography by me

|Main image shot in Joshua Tree in July 2015.|

All photos shot with Olympus Pen EPL-7, Pen EP-5 and Sony a7