Disney Life



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The only time I can truly and completely switch off… Any other time of the year, even during vacation there is always that urgent email staring at me from my inbox, red in the face and blowing smoke out of its nostrils until I finally hit reply. Even in the middle of August, as I sit by the pool, kindle in one hand, diet coke in the other, I am always interrupted by the one phone call that summons me back to London for important business. And it is fine (ish), because this is the life I chose. The Christmas holidays are something special: nobody calls, nobody texts, nobody emails, because for once, we are all busy pursuing much more important things – family, love, presents, chocolate and CHILLAXATION. My goal by the end of the Christmas holidays is to have forgotten what a blog even is.

Sure, I am working on some light life admin tasks, sure I am sorting out my house, but mostly the three words I will respond best to for the next two weeks are “Disney”, “Chocolate” and “Bed”. Perhaps also “Tomb Raider”. On December 18th, which was my birthday, but also the day Mini finished school, I received a subscription to Disney Life, a new app launched by Disney which contains all their catalogue of films, but also songs, books and other activities. Basically like Netflix, but dedicated solely to the magic of Disney. As a complete and utter Disney fan girl, this is pretty much the best gift I received this year… As soon as I ripped open the envelope and managed to still my excited hands long enough to type my name on the registration page, I created an account on the website and within seconds both Mini and I had user profiles. We don’t even have to fight to use the app as it can be used on a desktop/laptop and also on a mobile device. Now if only I could say the same about Xbox usage!

A Disney Life subscription will set you back £9.99 per month.

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