Backstage at LFW – Issa & Joseph

Most of the beauty tricks I know were picked up from make-up artists and hair stylists, either on shoots or backstage at fashion week. Observing the masters at work while they rush from one model to the next, fluttering around the girls to get them ready for their 5mn on the catwalk is the best beauty school for enthusiasts like me. There is a sense of controlled chaos backstage, yet everyone always seems so calm and composed. Vidal Sassoon Global Ambassador Duffy is no exception to the rule and even had time to crack a joke or two in between model prep at Issa and later at Joseph.

Before the Issa show, I met with the beautiful mother and daughter duo who won the VS Salonist x Superdrug competition I hosted in the Summer and it was so lovely to chat with them and see how thrilled they were at the idea of attending a fashion show for the first time. Certainly gave me some perspective on the whole thing.

The hair and beauty trends I witnessed for SS16 are – quite predictably – all about enhancing natural beauty. The skin is glowing and flawless and hair is all about texture. It might look effortless, but often it takes a village to achieve the look, as demonstrated below. Don’t panic though: in real life, you don’t need to do quite as much to your mane to make it look runway ready. Preparation is the key to the full impact of this look, so ensure your hair colour is refreshed for those depths and tones that add to the movement and enhance the overall effortlessness with luminosity.

Hair for the Issa show was youthful and natural looking, with effortless movement and great luminosity. Pretty much the dream for anyone really. A flowy yet strong image of femininity provided the inspiration for the style Duffy created for the show.

“For our lead girl, Jessica, we enhanced the luminosity of her natural base tone using VS Salonist shade 5/1. This gave the hair beautiful multi-dimensional colour and infused her natural tone with added richness and vibrancy”  Duffy

“Issa has a sophisticated yet wearable aesthetic and to complement this I wanted a soft, effortless, luminous hair look that would float and move as the girl walks.” Duffy

Hair for the Joseph show was directly inspired by the clothing: minimalistic, simple yet sophisticated. Truly effortless, “just rolled out of bed” hair takes a village to achieve. Duffy wanted soft, almost baby-like wispy hair to flow gently as the girls moved on the runway.  For this look, natural-looking colour with rich dimensions is key, To recreate this at home, VS Salonist has a collection of 24 shades, to give hair that extra shine, dimension and texture.

“I was inspired by a girl at the casting who had the softest blonde and the lightest texture to her hair – and I wanted to create a style that would highlight this natural beauty and nuance in colour.” Duffy

“This effortlessness works especially well when set against the strong, graphic shapes and stripes seen within Joseph’s SS16 collection, and so we recreated the look of feather-light hair that has just the right amount of texture and movement in it.” Duffy

This is a collaboration with Vidal Sassoon