Monsieur Robot – Sort Out Your Summer

I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the minute due to an upcoming wedding in San Francisco. The weather is gonna be HOT and there’s a good chance I’ll be immortalised in someone’s wedding pictures so the outfit needs to be en pointe as well as suited to the kind of climate London has failed to provide for us this Summer. About 500 years ago, on MySpace, my profile quite clearly stated “Please don’t invite me to your wedding because I have nothing to wear” but my current social media comes with no such caveat, hence my predicament. The answer is of course ASOS, the holiday hub has everything you need for holidays, festivals and much to my joy, Summer weddings. I’m going with a cropped trousers, formal shirt, shiny trainers kinda vibe. If you’re still not convinced then check out the video below. It’s like a gritty documentary on the harsh reality of British summers. I can say one thing for the wedding, at least it’s in sunnier climes. Keep your eyes on my Instagram and if you’re lucky you’ll get some shots of the outfit in a few weeks.