Custom Denim & Kimono

There are few items in my wardrobe that survive all clear-outs: my jeans (obviously) and my ever-growing collection of kimonos. I know, right? Judging by the past few years developments in my style, you would think kimonos would have flown out the door, alongside other flouncy bits and bobs belonging to a younger, more styled-up me. But no. Every time the thought of perhaps discarding a kimono crosses my mind, I swiftly try it on, do a few bat-like dance moves in front of the mirror and hang it right back in my closet. Kimonos are here to stay. And I suppose the trend Gods agree with me as kimonos are everywhere right now.

When I visited British brand Wåven’s pop-up on D’Arblay street I didn’t just go there for the sport, I actually was on a very special mission to customise some jeans. My life: forever a dream. Since I am not exactly your friendly neighbourhood DIY specialist, I was quite pleased to find out they had a resident jean genie whose sewing skills were only rivalled by his looks. Sewing babes are the new sewing bees. After a quick perusing of the fabrics on offer at the DIY-station, I settled for their Shibori patches and arranged them in a patchwork of blue hues somewhere in the knee-region. Half an hour later, wham-bam thank you ma’am I was all customised and ready to hit the road. But more on this later.

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