Natural Sunkissed Spring Make-Up Look

Don’t you love it when Spring finally comes around, sun hitting your skin and finally warming your complexion? I do! However, there is always a funny little transition period where you are ready to ditch your Winter foundation but not quite ready yet to move on to a darker shade. This is what I want to talk to you today by showing you how I do my make-up during that transition period. 
My skin is pretty fair in the Winter, but I tan easily and once the tanning process has started, I get rather dark, rather fast. So I have learned to quickly adapt my make-up routine and also which products are versatile enough to work with me throughout Spring and Summer. For this look, I worked in collaboration with Bourjois which is a brand I have been extremely faithful to for many years (and so had my mum before me and her mum before her!). Some products I mention in this post are brand new, some are classics I already wrote about in the past.

Let’s start with nail polish shades: in the Winter, I love nothing more than a deep burgundy colour, or plums and blacks on my nails, however, when Summer comes around and my hands are a little tanned, I prefer pastels and pure white. Bourjois’ new range “” comes in a wide array of shades and will cover my needs all year round. The texture is rather thick and I found it a little harder to apply than my usual polished, but once I got the hang of it, I found the polish stayed on for a long, long time, without chipping or tarnishing.

I absolutely adore the Rouge Edition Velvet range in the Winter months, but for warmer climates, I prefer its newborn little sister the , which has just as strong a lasting power but feels more hydrating and a little lighter on the lips. A great complement to a nice natural glow.
Ok so is pretty much The One when it comes to foundations. This tiny pot might not look like much but it contains all you need. This is like the best Instagram filter combination in a pot. Seriously it makes your skin look flawless instantly, I am pretty sure it actually contains a few fairies (Tinkerbell can you hear me?) that get to work on your skin when you open the lid. It comes in four shades, from Pale Nude (my “arriving on holiday” shade) to Nude Ensoleillé (my “leaving holiday” shade). At £9.99 a pop, it would be a crime not to add this to your shopping list.
Finally, I would like to give a mention to the (the waterproof version) which gives me interminable lashes that got every single diner waitress in Los Angeles to hyperventilate, but also to the which is my best friend every Summer. Last but not least, let me introduce you to the AQUA Blush and its cooling effect, by far the most delicious item in my make-up bag right now – this one will be out in June, so add it to your wish list right away, it is a game changer!