Brunch, Snacks & Coffee in Los Angeles

I am not going to lie, my days in Los Angeles are mainly ruled by where I want to stop for food or coffee. That involves rather meticulous advanced planning and generally goes something like this
“- What should we do today? “
“- Hang on let me check on my list of restaurants… Yep let’s go Downtown, there are at least 3 places we need to eat at there”.
Repeat everyday and you have two weeks of pure culinary AND caffeinated joy which pretty much sum up my time in California. 

Casbah Café
3900 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Pretty great place for a nice lunch salad if you can sit outside under the jasmine arches, the coffee is OK there too, although I feel that a better choice there would be a fresh mint tea. The interior has a distinct French – Moroccan vibe, which is quite nice when you feel a little home sick and want a glimpse of Europe in the heart of Silverlake. Food wise, as I said the salads are delicious, and they have simple continental breakfast options too.
Left to right: Zanzan Sunglasses,  (here I tell you this clutch is reversible and your mind explodes)

727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 

I have a bit of a crush on Roy Choi and Chego is quite special as it was his very first proper restaurant. Now he pretty much rules the Los Angeles food landscape from his empire at The Line in K-Town. The man just knows how to whip together a rice-bowl that is sort of like a summary of all of Los Angeles’ cultures in one pot. All that while the speakers serenade you with the best soul and R&B on offer. If you don’t go to Chego or another of Roy Choi’s restaurants while in L.A., there is basically no hope for you.
 My  had a nice time posing on a table covered in stickers (you can also see it in the main photo which was taken at Chego)

The Peninsula Beverly Hills
9882 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Total change of scenery here, we are now in Beverly Hills, just chilling by the pool of The Peninsula where we have a cabana for the day. Yes, this is good news indeed: if you can’t quite afford the suites there, I am pretty sure you can treat yourself and your bestie or lover to a day lounging by the pool, enjoying the amazing rooftop view. Oh yeah, the food is also very special there! I almost forgot as I was gazing at the infinite views of Beverly Hills. 
Here my  blended in nicely with its surroundings. 

1760 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

There is no place like Home… Which is why it is always my first stop when I arrive in Los Angeles. I always visit a few times whenever I am in town because you just can’t beat their homely cooking and super friendly staff. Plus you get to sit in a courtyard lit by fairy lights which is reminiscent of the Braverman’s in Parenthood so it is a win-win situation really. Try their pancakes. Fat, fluffy and perfect. You are welcome.
My  waiting to be filled with spare pancakes there.

Ah I see you noticed my clutch… Isn’t it sweet? Well not only it is sweet, but it is also super practical to travel with! I used it to pack my camera and other bits and pieces in my case, then as a poolside / beach companion (filled with sun creams and other necessities), as a “breakfast quick bag“* and also as it was intended: for the evening, as a clutch! I mostly used the printed side because… I don’t think I need to explain, look at it, it is so fun! But I had it on the plain white side a couple times too – not documented. This could be your best Summer friend! Get it from Paul’s Boutique here.

*breakfast quick bag: the bag you throw keys, phone and wallet in before running outside to get breakfast because it is the weekend and you are starving.