Made in L.A. – Cinemetal T-Shirts

One of the many random things Mademoiselle Robot and I have in common (besides a love of fashion) is a love of film. We both did a Masters in cinema so we make for fantastically interesting dinner party guests if you need someone to explain Mulholland Drive. One thing we don’t have in common is a love of band tees, but plenty of people love a good vintage band tee. Especially me. So imagine my joy when I discovered that someone has melded these two things together, finally allowing me to express my musical taste and favourite auteurs in one fell swoop. Philip Anderson the former owner of CineFile Video in Los Angeles teamed up with his longtime friend Bob Biancini to create Cinemetal T-Shirts – a brand which reimagines the logos of famous bands using the names of some of the most worlds most celebrated underground directors and auteurs. I literally cannot pick my favourite.

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