Letters From The Louniverse – Reinvention of the Self

I love the new blog topic of Reinvention, it’s a word that fills me with hope and potential, and I would like to re-introduce the idea of personal reinvention to you. 

I say ‘re-introduce’ because you know, sometimes the start of the calendar year involves a lot of panic. 

Perhaps you feel a need to be better, to look better, a need to change everything all at once. Or perhaps you feel a pressure to make this YOUR year. 
Here are five ways in which you can reinvent yourself, create positive change and reduce anxiety whilst doing it.
You are not broken
Avoid seeing yourself as having weaknesses and parts of yourself that you need to fix. You are not broken, but you are an evolving human being.
It is normal to have a spectrum of feelings and for your life to move in waves and cycles.  Allow yourself to shift, change, reinvent and embrace; you are of perfect value, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Make your priority to feel good.
Make your primary intention not to be successful, be happy or be better; but instead to feel good. 
A desire to feel good covers all bases, because positive change does not usually happen when you start from a place of punishment and restriction. 
You cannot berate yourself into feeling amazing. Prioritizing your own wellness and desires increases self-confidence, encourages self-love and gives you instant access to your intuition.
Goals need to be set from a place of passion, enthusiasm and self-love. Try testing the waters by practicing this with small decisions and ideas. In what scenario or situation might you feel the best?
Fear of failure is normal, but failure does not exist.
My theory is that personal failure is a concept that humans invented with the sole purpose of feeling bad about themselves. 
Instead of thinking about life as a series of gains and losses, think instead of it as a series of spaces. If something doesn’t work out how you planned then you have cleared a space for something else, and most likely something better – a jigsaw piece that actually fits.
This way of thinking does require a leap of faith, but it also reduces a lot of stress on the self. The more you release yourself from the possible outcome of things, the more you see the right opportunities around you. 
Your path isn’t paved from someone else’s bricks.
That idea of perfection you might have perceived in someone else, it is not real. When you are preoccupied with what other people are doing or what they might think of you, then you are using valuable time where you could be learning about and embracing yourself. 
Your life isn’t about seeking approval from others, or taking action from what you think you should do. Reinvention is all about YOU. 
Allow yourself to fully participate in your life; it’s the best job you’ll ever have.

Allow your goals to be expansive and exciting.
In order to feel like your life is moving forwards you are required to commit to a leap of faith. There will always be a million ‘what ifs’, but they can always be overshadowed by a wild, exciting, compassionate internal pull that is encouraging you to just go for it. 
Creating change for yourself can be expansive and exciting, it will feel terrifying and wild and ridiculous, but if you are moving forward from a positive compulsion then there is no such thing as a bad decision.
Don’t be afraid to think positively, it does not make you more likely to experience a loss. Think of life as something to admire, adventure within and embrace. 

What do you want to explore this year?
Main image: Stahl House, Los Angeles, 2014 by L.W.