Hermès Tie Break

There are many mysteries in the Universe, but to me the biggest one is how to tie a tie. I am entirely useless at it and so until today, I could never be the wonderful wife/girlfriend/sister that ties her loved one tie before a big event. Instead I just stared in awe at men in ties, seeing them as magicians. You would think tie-tying should be in a part of my skill set, since I am pretty handy with scarves – but no. When it comes to ties, I am forever a useless klutz. Thankfully, there is now an app for that… Made by Hermès too… And if anyone is going to teach me anything about ties, I want it to be Hermès.
Tie Break is not just about learning the ancestral art of tie-tying though, it is much more than that: it is an escape. A brilliant way to make office life more exciting – almost as efficient as YouTube videos of cats if you ask me. The app offers retro games, witticisms, plays on patterns (hello optical illusions!) and also of course you can also browse Hermès extensive tie collection and try on different patterns with your shirt thanks to a nifty little selfie mode.