Monsieur Robot – Diesel Pre-Fall 14

For any of you too young to remember what the brand was like way back in the early 90’s let me fill you in. It was amazing. The clothes had the same clout as any designer brand they were just more affordable. They made the finest jeans that money could buy and eventually built such a strong aesthetic that they were able to build a whole lifestyle brand that carried through to fantastic logo tees, edgy advertising campaigns and highly distinctive store designs. But we know what the world of fashion is like – nothing stays cool forever. 

It’s been a good few years since Diesel has been on my radar; although in a nostalgic sense I’ve always felt affectionate towards the brand. When rumours of an overhaul surfaced I was intrigued but doubtful. It takes an enormous amount of vision and hard work to reverse the perceptions of a fashion brand that has fallen out of favour. It’s not impossible – just rare. Who could possibly pull this off? Nicola Formichetti, that’s who. Trading on the unique history of the brand Formichetti has put Diesel right back on track. He has managed to  distil the rock n roll spirit into a handful of key menswear pieces – bikers, jeans, brothel creepers and satin bombers. Wolves are a recurring motif in the collection, sometimes howling at the moon on a sweatshirt or beautifully painted on the back of a leather biker jacket – the jewel in the crown of the collection. 

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