Basic Aesthetic For Sustainable Easywear – Base Range

As I slowly prepare for my month away in France – going to the South West, near Toulouse as usual – I am also on the lookout for easy pieces to pack and wear out there. There is no need to take outrageous outfits, I won’t wear them. My month in France is a fashion and fuss-free zone that has so far mostly seen me living in denim shorts and cotton vests. This year however I have a hankering for something slightly different. I want to put fashion aside but I still want to feel stylish if I leave the house to go to the market or other important Summer pursuits. Of course, being a cyber creep, whenever I have a hankering for anything, I generally turn to the Gods of the Interwebs for answers… This time, their answer was unanimous: Base Range.
Base Range hails from Denmark and France and is a line of sustainable clothing, aiming to create clean, easy and accessible garments. In a world torn between fast-fashion (and its consequences) and high-end labels that aren’t always much more ethically minded, it is great to finally find a brand that caters to eco-conscious girls on a regular everyday budget. The main idea behind Base Range is to work with high quality organic fabrics in innovative ways in order to benefit both producer and consumer while minimising environmental impact. They are entirely transparent about their making process too. 
The range is composed of modern basics, easy pieces from dresses to tops and underwear – all bases are covered. Everything is totally timeless so invest now and regret it never. Favourite thing on the site: for each item they are giving not only the height of the model but also her weight which is a handy guide to extrapolate fit and cut.