It’s All In The Details #BastyanLittleThings

Bastyan Cecilia Blazer Mademoiselle Robot

For a few years now, my style has been evolving into adulthood. Gone are my smock dress days, I am embracing my mid-thirties and I can finally wear all those tailored, minimal pieces without feeling like a little girl playing dress-up. I am owning this whole “dressing like an adult” thing and thoroughly enjoying looking a little polished-but-not-too-much. Basically I am resurrecting my Parisian past. You can take the parisienne out of Paris but you can never change her style… 
Simplicity and timelessness are two things I look for these days when I pick clothes: they need to be expertly cut, sturdy enough to stand the test of time and have interesting details that set them apart from other similar items. It’s all in the details you see… This is why it made complete sense for me to join the #BastyanLittleThings campaign, which encourages us to bring to life all the little details in life, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. 
So when you next hang out with your best friends, pay extra attention to their hair, their nail colour, the lipstick they are wearing or the stitching on their embellished top and make sure you compliment them. You can do it on social media too, just use the #BastyanLittleThings hashtag and we will find you!
Everyone who joins the #BastyanLittleThings movement will get 20% off from Bastyan – simply share your image on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook then sign up to their newsletter  to receive your code when the campaign ends.

I am wearing: Bastyan Cecilia Jacket, ASOS top, & Other Stories Bag and Levi’s 501 Jeans
Bastyan Cecilia Blazer Mademoiselle Robot
Notice when your friend wears a new lipstick colour…
Bastyan Cecilia Blazer Mademoiselle Robot
Or when she brings a new bag to your date
Bastyan Cecilia Blazer Mademoiselle Robot
Pay close attention to everything, it’s all in the details…
This is a collaboration with Bastyan