Letters From The Louniverse – May

Tarot Card Of The Month – 7 of Pentacles
After a bit of a rocky month of April -did you feel it? I certainly did! – it’s time to grab a little bit of faith back into your corner, and you can start with some trust in your potential. 
Your work has not been in vain, it never is – if you are persisting towards what you desire then don’t give up! Keep moving in the direction of your dreams: if it feels good then it is good. However, trust what your mind, body and spirit tell you. If things don’t feel right, it’s ok to let go and pursue something or someone different. As you know, I don’t believe in using the word failure, it’s just not very forward thinking or empowering is it? 
So this month as you are navigating your career, making decisions or waiting on some big news, just pause for a moment and allow yourself to not be fearful of the results. This card is always a positive push to let you know that things will bloom in the timeframe that they like. Oh yes, I get it – why can’t things be on our clock? And it can be so hard to not be attached to an outcome! But by toning down that obsessive pursuit you will actually allow your potential to expand. 
You see – often we assume that if we don’t get something then it’s the end. But, I very much believe that the reason we need to allow things to be as they arrive is because sometimes, well actually often, things don’t turn out as we wanted – they come out even better than we thought possible.
So, how about taking stock of your hard work, keep moving forward and know that everything is panning out just as it should be. Like happiness, success isn’t something to chase – instead it will be found and felt in the moments that you stop to love and embrace what you are working on. 
You can always be the victor in your own story, the only question is – do you want to be? 

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