Monsieur Robot – Lazy Oaf X Garfield

You know how much we love cats here at Robot HQ. Love might be an understatement actually – obsessed is probably closer to the truth. As a kid my family always had dogs so the only cat in my life was, for years, Garfield. My first dog was actually called Odie because he was as cute and as adorably stupid as Garfield’s Odie. I hadn’t thought about sarcastic, grumpy old lasagna obsessed Garfield for years until the ‘Garfield Minus Garfield’ comics surfaced a while back. And while those are amazing in a poignant and bleakly poetic kind of way they served to remind me just how much I used to love Garfield. Lazy Oaf, are following up their Looney Tunes collaboration with a Garfield collection and I couldn’t be happier. Check out the collection below and try and tell me YOU don’t love Garfield. 

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