Dr. Martens #StandForSomething

I am pretty excited to finally be able to share with you the fruits of my collaboration with Dr. Martens for their #StandForSomething campaign, and also the first time I got to see my mug on an actual advertising banner. It feels pretty cool and also very strange. I tell you what though, after that I was as proud as a racoon who’s just done a rolly polly. 
So here we are with the campaign images, shot on a sunny Winter day in Westbourne Grove where I sauntered around in my silver brocade DM brogues and proudly stood for Friendship & Independence. Yep, after many deliberations, and a reunion of my high-council of friends, this is what I settled on. I mean I stand for a lot of stuff (including old people on the bus) but I suppose the two things that stood out were those. My friends are like a second family to me and I am lucky to have quite a few amazing people in my life. You’ve met some of them through the blog, some of them remain anonymous but they have one thing in common: they are all incredible people. I am fiercely independent and like to go my own way, do things as I want to do them. I like to experience some aspects of life on my own and I have built myself a pretty dreamy life that way. I like to think I can get by on my own in any situation, that I don’t really need anyone to “carry me”. Well… when I say any situation, I am sure I would get a little freaked out during a zombie apocalypse, but then again I am pretty handy with a shotgun (at the fun fair) so who knows.
I think I went off on quite a detour when all I wanted to do is share the below pics and tell you that you can also share your very own DM style and what you stand for on Instagram or Twitter using the #DrMartensStyle hashtag. If you are feeling creative, you can also design your own boot on Facebook for a chance to have it made! Pretty cool isn’t it?
In case you were wondering what I am wearing: Isabel Marant for H&M jacket, Zara shorts, MCM clutch, Sparkle & Fade top, Zanzan sunglasses and of course DM brogues.
Photos by James Wicks

This is a collaboration with Dr Martens