The Robot & Goose Show – Travel Edition

Oh man, it is Wednesday already!! That means it is time for you ladies (and gents) to sit down, relax and watch The Robot & Goose Show… After three episodes, you can let it all out and admit that it is your new favourite YouTube series. If you don’t, I may have to hunt you down and cuddle you to death. So you know – the choice is yours really.

This episode is all about the wonderful art of travel… And if travel is an art, then at this point Emily and I are pretty much Renaissance Masters so watching us blabber on and on about our travelling habits is akin to watching someone carve a tiny penis out of marble.

I digress: both The Robot and The Goose love to travel, we often do so together and it makes it all the more fun. We have tips, we have tricks, we have favourite souvenirs and things we like to bring along… And in this episode, we share it all with you.

Below are the products we talk about in the video:
Sand in a jar
Becky E. Conekin – Lee Miller In Fashion