Monsieur Robot – Bite Me

When Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published in 1897 I don’t suppose anyone could have foreseen the  lasting impact it would have on popular culture. For over a century, the idea of vampires has never really been out of fashion. There’s a potent, malleable symbolism to the blood sucking immortals that can be applied to an endless variety of narratives, which might explain the story’s longevity. Or maybe it’s just the fact that vampires are damn sexy and we all want to be one. Either way Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent collection has used an illustration by artist Luke Thomas of some blood drenched fangs and plastered it over everything from backpacks to brooches. It would seem that not even Twilight can make vampires uncool. But if your budget doesn’t stretch to Saint Laurent (I know mine doesn’t) then here are some other recommendations. I’ve gone for jewellery because unlike clothes, jewellery lasts forever – JUST LIKE VAMPIRES!

1 – Big Boy Vamp Ring, Bittersweets; 2 – Gold and Onyx Fangs Ring, Kasun; 3 – Silver Fangs Ring, Kasun; 4 – Gold Vampire Skull Necklace, Kasun; 5 – Silver and Onyx Stake Necklace, Kasun; 6 – Saint Laurent tank top – ; 7 – Baby Vamp Necklace, Bittersweets.

Can you believe I made it the whole way through post about vampires without mentioning Buffy? Apart from mentioning her just now I mean.

Sorry Buffy.

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