Beauty – The Tuck, Are We Doing This?

You know what I am about to talk about, right? Yes, you in the back! This is all about “the tuck”. Not the Silence Of The Lambs style “Wanna see me tuck and do the peepee dance?” while Goodbye Horses plays in the background kinda tuck, I am of course referring to the hair tuck. It’s been around for a while, sneakily replacing another rather impractical micro-trend: the coat over the shoulders, superhero style. The reason why I am only writing about it now is simple: I went into Uniqlo the other day to purchase an extra warm heat tech roll neck. Here you may want to sit for a minute to ponder the extremely glamourous nature of my daily life.  Done? Ok. 

What happened to me in the changing room there was a life altering experience. I had an accidental tuck. I slipped on the roll neck and when I emerged out of it, my hair was magically and perfectly tucked. My eyebrows were also seriously messed up and half of my lipstick was on my chin, but somehow I don’t see these becoming micro-trends anytime soon. Suddenly, a world of possibilities opened up in front of me. I could tuck my hair into EVERYTHING: scarves, coats, jumpers, pyjamas… If I hadn’t recently had a haircut, I could maybe even tuck my hair in my pants and… Oh, wait.

I came home and thought about this for a while, then I did some research (googled “hair tuck”) and catalogued it all (added some random images to a Pinterest board) so I could bring you an intelligent trend analysis (sitting on my bed at 8:30am on Sunday morning, cup of tea in hand, Dawson’s Creek playing in the background). The conclusion of my extensive research and user testing is that the hair tuck is a little silly BUT it is a good thing in the Winter. It keeps your ears warm, it prevents your hair from getting too frizzy because of the cold, the wind and the sleet and it makes you look like you have chopped off your hair when you haven’t. I might, I just might try the tuck for a couple days, just to see how it feels (my guess at this stage is: it will mostly feel itchy on the shoulders). Will you be trying the tuck?

Photo credit: Phoebe Philo by David Sims, Karolina Kurkova by Ben Hassett, Garance Doré.