Shopping In Wynwood With Elysze Held

During my Miami adventures in December, I was fortunate enough to meet the wonderful Elysze Held (see main image), recently named by Miami Magazine as one of the Five Most Influential Women Of The Year. It is easy to see why… Spend some time with her and you will find it hard to describe the sheer energy radiating from Elysze. Her passion for great clothing on great women still intact – and truly contagious – even after 30 years in the industry. A car journey through Miami becomes a storytelling experience as she tells us tales about her life in fashion, her extraordinary encounters and her beloved family. While walking around Wynwood, Miami’s newly rejuvenated Fashion & Design district, Elysze stops often to greet acquaintances: from shop assistants to food critics and journalists, it seems there isn’t one person in Miami not on her rolodex… And they all love her – how could they not? After only a couple hours with her, I am under her spell and feel like I have been reunited with a long lost friend… I asked Elysze a few questions about style, life and Miami.

In a few words, could you tell my readers about your job as a (personal) stylist? 

EH – I work with clients to individualize and personalize an exceptional wardrobe – versatile, stylish and one that works for their life, their figure and their budget. I ‘shop in their closet first’ and put together pieces in ways they would not envision. And, there is no place of commerce that I would not shop (online/discount/vintage/showroom/luxury)! I stress quality over quantity and instill in my clients that the secret to looking great is choosing clothes that look like they were designed around your body and wearing clothes that look like they were made for you.

Baptiste Debombourg installation at the Maison Martin Margiela store on Northeast 40th Street

What’s your day to day uniform? 

EH – I love simple pieces-with an edge, so I wear a lot of Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens and Marni. I began to cultivate my style while living & working in the fashion industry in San Francisco, at the time of the Japanese explosion(Comme Des Garçons, Yamamoto, Matsuda), so I gravitate more towards black & gray, but since I also live in Miami, I wear a good deal of plain whites. (I love Valentino, Prada & Céline shoes as they fit me best).

Embellished Marni pencil skirt in Consign Of The Times

Do you have all time favourites? What are they?

EH – I have a few special vintage pieces that I love: a sheer Matsuda coat; a Dries van Noten long embellished vest; a Rick Owens leather jacket and Maison Martin Margiela leggings (I buy a few every season). I love my Chanel cuffed boots and my Valentino rock stud flats.

Maison Martin Margiela Candy Clutch in Consign Of The Times

Is there a specific “Miami style”?

Miami has always been known to amp up the flash and dress with a boldness and vivacity but most definitely sexy very body conscious. I have clients that collect Cavalli & Hervé Leger, and look great in it. Ageless! As more European stores come in to Miami, the aesthetic has begun to change (Céline, Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Lanvin).

The Moore building on Northeast 40th Street is the home of Céline’s Miami boutique

Here in London, every area has a very particular style. Do different parts of Miami have different styles?

Yes, each area here has its own style: in Coconut Grove, it is very “Boho-chic”; in the Design District, more minimalist; in Wynwood, it is artisan based, so very eclectic; in South Beach, high heels and sexy mini dresses; in Bal Harbour, a savvy elegance with high-end European luxury designers; in Key Biscayne & Fisher Island—like Ibiza, relaxed!

Fornasetti vase at En Avance

Your favourite: 

Shops – The Webster in South Beach & Saks Bal Harbour

Restaurant -MC Kitchen in Design District 

Designer -Rick Owens 

Animal – Dog (mine: a Chow/Golden retriever, so he looks like the Lion King)

City – San Francisco 

Lipstick colour -Red Lizard by NARS


Reading –   Hild by Nicola Griffith & The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Watching –  Homeland & Downton Abbey reruns.

Wearing – Marni skirt; Chanel boots; Laura Buccellati Python bag; Shiroiy D Cama diamond & stingray cuffs; Rick Owens tunic

Listening – Beyoncé

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Walking on Northeast 40th Street, the heart of Wynwood.
Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of Conrad Miami